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Softlens Best Beauty

開発者 darkgeek

Softlens Best Beauty makes contact lenses beautiful with photo effect camera magic. The best beauty camera is used to coloring eyes that look more beautiful and cool. You can selfie and also get beautiful eyes with eyes color changer. Beautiful people will look more attractive when she can use the right makeup to her face. For you who want to change the eyes color, you can use this application so that you can look fashionable, beautiful, feminine and graceful. You will look like a real use of contact lenses. Surely your friends will think you are using contact lenses are expensive. You will find a huge collection of contact lenses that can be used to decorate your beautiful eyes. There are many collections of contact lenses, namely softlens flag, the eyes of animals, unique, funny, beautiful, luxurious, sinister, etc. Good luck.Features and how to use it :1. Open the application and take photos from the camera or gallery.2. Select the model and type contact lenses you want.3. Zoom in and out contact lenses using two fingers.4. You can delete the brackets are not in accordance with the criteria using delete button.5. Once done, you can save your pictures in the gallery.6. You can also share your pictures to social networks that you have.7. finished editing your photos, and you be more cool to use the contact lenses.Take pictures with the best style, so that the contact lenses in your eyes look like real. You will be more beautiful, funny, cute and adorable with the use of contact lenses that you like. Share this application to your friend as well. Thanks.